B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B   B 
 The B-52s G A a g M D
   The B-52s DR 
   Funplex DR 
 Bach G A a g M D
   Goldberg Variations (Glen Gould) CD 
   Toccata und Fugue CD 
   6 Brandenburgische Konzerte (von Karajan) CD 
   Flute Sonatas DR 
   Cello Suites (Pable Casals, EMI Classics) DR 
   St. Matthews Passion (EMI Clasics) DR 
 Bach; Itzhak Perlman G A a g M D
   Sonatas and Partitas DR 
 Beck G A a g M D
   Colors DR 
   Guero DR 
   Mellow Gold DR 
   Morning Phase DR 
   Mutations DR 
   Odelay DR 
   Sea Change DR 
 The Beach Boys G A a g M D
   Pet Sounds CD 
 Beady Belle G A a g M D
   Cewbeagappic CD 
 Beaser G A a g M D
   Mountain Songs CD 
 The Beat G A a g M D
   I Just Can't Stop It CD Germany
   Tears of a Clown b/w Ranking Full Stop 7" UK
   Hands off She's Mine b/w Twist and Crawl 7" UK
 The Beatles G A a g M D
   Live at the BBC (double) CD 
   With the Beatles CD 
   Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band CD 
   A Collection of Beatles Oldies LP UK
   A Hard Day's Night LP UK
   Beatles for Sale LP UK
   Help! LP UK
   Let It Be LP UK
   Live at the Star-Club in Hamburg, Germany 1962 LP Holland
   Please Please Me LP Germany
   Please Please Me LP UK
   Revolver LP UK
   Rubber Soul LP UK
   White Album (embossed cover) LP UK
   With the Beatles LP UK
   Yellow Submarine LP UK
 Be-Bop Deluxe G A a g M D
   Drastic Plastic CD Holland
   Drastic Plastic LP UK
 Beethoven G A a g M D
   Symphony No. 9 (Bernstein) CD 
 Beirut G A a g M D
   The Flying Club Cup CD USA
 Bif Naked G A a g M D
   The Promise DR 
   Essentially Naked DR 
 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy G A a g M D
   How Big Can You Get - The Music of Cab Calloway DR 
 Bike Thiefs G A a g M D
   lootbag DR 
 Bill Bruford's Earthworks G A a g M D
   Random Acts of Happiness DR 
 Bill Frisell G A a g M D
   RICHTER 858 DR 
   History, Mystery DR 
   Sign Of Life - Music For 858 Quartet DR 
   Unspeakable DR 
 Billy Cobham G A a g M D
   The Best of Billy Cobham CD 
 Billy Joel G A a g M D
   The Stranger CD 
   Piano Man b/w The Entertainer 7" 
   You May be Right b/w Close to the Border Line 7" 
 The Bird and the Bee G A a g M D
   Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future DR 
   The Bird and the Bee DR 
   Interpreting the Masters, Volume 1 - A Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates DR 
 Björk G A a g M D
   Greatest Hits DR 
 Blondie G A a g M D
   Ghosts of Download DR 
 Bob Dylan G A a g M D
   Another Self Portrait (1969-1971) - The Bootleg Series, Volume 10 DR 
 Bob Marley and the Wailers G A a g M D
   Survival CD 
   Babylon by Bus CD 
 The Bombay Royale G A a g M D
   You Me Bullets Love DR 
 Bonobo G A a g M D
   Bonobo Late Night Tales DR 
 Brassy G A a g M D
   Got It Made CD 
   Gettin Wise CD 
 Brian Eno G A a g M D
   LUX CD 
   Apollo CD 
   Before and After Science CD 
   Before and After Science (2004 reissue) CD 
   Thursday Afternoon CD 
   Nerve Net CD 
   Drawn From Life CD 
   Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) CD 
   Ambient 1: Music for Airports CD Holland
   Ambient 4: On Land CD Holland
   Music for Films DR 
   Another Green World CD 
   Before and After Science LP Germany
   Music for Fans [BOOTLEG] LP UK
   King's Lead Hat b/w R.A.F. 7" UK
 Brian Eno and the words of Rick Holland G A a g M D
   Panic of Looking DR 
 Brian Eno / David Byrne G A a g M D
   My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (2006 reissue) CD 
   My Life in the Bush of Ghosts CD 
 Brian Eno / Jah Wobble G A a g M D
   Spinner CD USA
 Brian Eno with Jon Hopkins & Leo Abrahams G A a g M D
   Small Craft on a Milk Sea DR 
 Brittany Howard G A a g M D
   Jaime DR 
 Bryn Roberts G A a g M D
   Present Tense CD 
 Buzzcocks G A a g M D
   Flat-Pack Philosophy DR 
   A Different Kind of Tension DR 
   A Different Kind of Tension LP UK
   Spiral Scratch 7" UK
   Orgasm Addict b/w What Ever Happened To? 7" UK
   What Do I Get? b/w Oh Shit 7" UK
   Love You More b/w Noise Annoys 7" UK
   Promises b/w Lipstick 7" UK
   Everybody's Happy Nowadays b/w Why Can't I Touch It? 7" UK
   Harmony in My Head b/w Something's Gone Wrong Again 7" UK
   You Say You Don't Love Me b/w Raison D'etre 7" UK