D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D   D 
 Daft Punk G A a g M D
   Random Access Memories DR 
   Musique, Volume 1 - 1993–2005 DR 
 Dalis Car G A a g M D
   The Waking Hour LP 
 Dan Auerbach G A a g M D
   Waiting On A Song DR 
 Daryl Hall G A a g M D
   Sacred Songs CD 
 Daryl Hall and John Oates G A a g M D
   Say it Isn't So b/w Kiss on My List 7" 
 Dave Edmunds G A a g M D
   From Small Things - The Best of Dave Edmunds CD 
 Dave Holland Big Band G A a g M D
   What Goes Around DR 
   Overtime DR 
 Dave Holland, Kevin Eubanks, Craig Taborn & Eric Harland G A a g M D
   Prism DR 
 Dave Holland & Pepe Habichuela G A a g M D
   Hands DR 
 Dave Holland Quartet G A a g M D
   Extensions DR 
   Conference of the Birds DR 
 David Bowie G A a g M D
   Young Americans CD 
   Scary Monsters DR 
   Lodger DR 
   Heroes DR 
   Low DR 
   Station to Station DR 
   Ziggy Stardust [Extended] DR 
   Hunky Dory DR 
   Young Americans [re-mastered] DR 
   The Next Day CD 
   Ashes to Ashes b/w Move On 7" UK
   Heroes / Heros b/w Helden / V-2 Schneider 7" Australia
   Up the Hill Backwards b/w Crystal Japan 7" 
 David Byrne G A a g M D
   The Complete Score for "The Catherine Wheel" CD 
   American Utopia DR 
 David Byrne / Brian Eno G A a g M D
   Everything that Happens Will Happen Today DR 
 David Byrne & Fatboy Slim G A a g M D
   Here Lies Love DR 
 David Byrne & St. Vincent G A a g M D
   Love This Giant DR 
 David Sylvian G A a g M D
   Brilliant Trees CD 
   Secrets of the Beehive CD UK
 David Sylvian & Robert Fripp G A a g M D
   The First Day CD 
 David Torn G A a g M D
   Cloud About Mercury CDc 
   Tripping : Over : God DR 
   What Means Solid, Traveller? DR 
 David Torn/Mick Karn/Terry Bozzio G A a g M D
   Polytown CD 
 Death Ambient G A a g M D
   Drunken Forest DR 
 The Deep Dark Woods G A a g M D
   Hang Me Oh Hang Me DR 
   The Place I Left Behind DR 
   Winter Hours DR 
 Delta Five G A a g M D
   See the Whirl LP Holland
   Mind Your Own Business b/w Now that You've Gone 7" UK
 DEVO G A a g M D
   Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! CD 
   Something for Everybody DR 
   Q. Are We Not Men A. We Are Devo LP France
 Died Pretty G A a g M D
   Trace CD 
 Dire Straits G A a g M D
   Brothers in Arms CD 
 DJ Spooky G A a g M D
   optometry CD 
   The Secret Song DR 
 Doll by Doll G A a g M D
   Revenge of Memory (Live) CD UK
   Remember CD EU
   Gypsy Blood CD EU
   Grand Passion CD EU
   Doll By Doll CD EU
 Don Cherry G A a g M D
   Multikulti CD USA
   Art Deco CD USA
   Live in Stockholm DR 
 The Dream Academy G A a g M D
   Remembrance Days CD USA
 The Dukes of Stratosphear G A a g M D
   Twenty-five O'clock LP 
 The Durutti Column G A a g M D
   Bread & Circuses CD France
   The Return of the Durutti Column LP UK
   Another Setting LP 
   Circuses and Bread LP UK