H   H   H   H   H   H   H   H   H   H   H   H   H   H   H   H   H   H   H   H   H   H 
 Hamell on Trial G A a g M D
   Songs for Parents Who Enjoy Drugs DR 
 Harold Budd / Brian Eno G A a g M D
   Ambient 2 - The Plateaux of Mirror DR 
 Harvey Danger G A a g M D
   Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone? CD 
 The Head and the Heart G A a g M D
   self-titled DR 
 Hector Zazou & Swara G A a g M D
   In the House of Mirrors DR 
 Herbie Hancock G A a g M D
   Head Hunters CD 
   jazz to funk DR Australia
 The High Numbers G A a g M D
   I'm the Face b/w Zoot Suit 7" UK
 Hillman Minx G A a g M D
   I've had enough CDs UK
 Hooverphonic G A a g M D
   presents Jackie Cane CD 
   Blue Wonder Powder Milk CD 
   A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular CD 
   The Magnificent Tree CD 
 The Housemartins G A a g M D
   Now that's what I call quite good CD 
   The People Who Grinned Themselves to Death CD 
   London 0 Hull 4 CD 
 Hugh Cornwell G A a g M D
   Hi Fi CD 
   Hooverdam DR 
 Hugh Cornwell and Robert Williams G A a g M D
   The White Room b/w Losers in a Lost Land (instrumental) 7" UK
 The Human League G A a g M D
   The Very Best Of CD 
   Reproduction LP UK
   Travelogue LP UK
   Empire State Human b/w Introducing 7" UK