M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M   M 
 Mac Miller G A a g M D
   Swimming DR 
 Madness G A a g M D
   One Step Beyond b/w Mistakes 7" UK
   My Girl b/w Stepping Into Line 7" UK
   The Prince b/w Madness 7" France
   Night Boat to Cairo / Deceives the Eye b/w The Young and the Old / Don't Quote Me on That 7" EP UK
 Magazine G A a g M D
   Secondhand Daylight CD 
   The Correct Use of Soap CD Holland
   Real Life LP USA
   The Correct Use of Soap LP UK
   Magic, Murder and the Weather LP 
   A Song From Under the Floorboards b/w Twenty Years Ago 7" UK
   Thank You (Falletinme Be Mice Elf Again) b/w The Book 7" UK
 Maggie Rogers G A a g M D
   Heard It in a Past Life DR 
 Magic Malik G A a g M D
   Orchestra CD 
 Mahavishnu Orchestra G A a g M D
   The Lost Trident Sessions CD 
 Manfred Mann's Earth Band G A a g M D
   Angel Station LP 
   Somewhere in Afrika LP 
   Somewhere in Afrika CD 
   The Best of Manfred Mann's Earth Band Re-Mastered DR 
   Mann Alive DR 
 Marc Cohn G A a g M D
   Listening Booth - 1970 DR 
 Marc Johnson G A a g M D
   Bass Desires DR 
 Marc Ribot G A a g M D
   Exercises in Futility DR 
   Silent Movies DR 
 Mark Mothersbaugh G A a g M D
   Muzik for Insomniacs, Volume 1 CD 
 Massive Attack G A a g M D
   Protection CD 
   Greatest Hits 1996/2000 CD 
   blue lines CD 
   100th Window CD 
   no protection CD 
   Heligoland DR 
 Matthew Shipp G A a g M D
   nu bop CD 
   harmonicdisorder DR 
   Art of the Improviser DR 
 Max Roach G A a g M D
   Jazz in 3/4 Time DR 
 MC 900 Ft. Jesus G A a g M D
   Welcome to My Dream CD 
   Hell with the Lid Off CD 
   One Step Ahead of the Spider CD 
 Meat Puppets G A a g M D
   Golden Lies CD 
 The Mekons G A a g M D
   Punk Rock DR 
   self-titled LP UK
   The Quality of Mercy is Not Strnen LP UK
 The Members G A a g M D
   Romance b/w The Ballad of John and Martin 7" UK
 Memoir G A a g M D
   Fire In Me (+Bandcamp DL) CD 
 Mental as Anything G A a g M D
   The Nips Are Getting Bigger b/w Instrumental As Anything 7" UK
 Meredith Monk G A a g M D
   Dolmen Music CD Germany
   Dolmen Music LP UK
 Merton Parkas G A a g M D
   The Complete Mod Collection CD 
   Face in the Crowd LP UK
 Metalwood G A a g M D
   Chronic CD 
 Michael Brook G A a g M D
   Cobalt Blue CD 
 Michael Jackson G A a g M D
   The Essential Michael Jackson DR 
 Michael Nyman G A a g M D
   The Piano Concerto/MGV CD USA
   Short Cuts - Breaking the Sound Barrier DR 
   Michael Nyman Live (1994) DR 
 Michael Occhipinti and Creation Dream G A a g M D
   Chasing After Light CD 
 Michel Lemieux G A a g M D
   Taming the Power Inside CD 
 Michelle Branch G A a g M D
   Everything Comes and Goes DR 
   Hotel Paper DR 
   The Spirit Room DR 
 Mick Karn G A a g M D
   The Tooth Mother CD 
   Titles LP 
 Miles Davis G A a g M D
   Kind of Blue CD 
   Pangaea CD 
   Agharta CD 
   Bitches Brew CD 
   A Tribute to Jack Johnson CD 
   On the Corner (2000 remix) DR 
   Sketches of Spain (Legacy Edition) DR 
   doo-bop DR 
   The Columbia Years 1955-1985 DR 
   Miles Ahead DR 
 Mink DeVille G A a g M D
   Where Angels Fear to Tread DR 
 Moby G A a g M D
   Play CD 
   Drop a Beat DR 
 Monkey House G A a g M D
   Headquarters DR 
 The Monochrome Set G A a g M D
   Eligible Bachelors CD UK
   Chaps CD UK
   Four & More CD 
   "Strange Boutique" LP UK
   Love Zombies LP UK
   Eligible Bachelors LP Germany
   The Monochrome Set b/w Mr. Bizarro 7" UK
 Monsoon G A a g M D
   Ever So Lonely (extended version) b/w Sunset Over the Ganges 12" 
 The Mothers of Invention G A a g M D
   Weasels Ripped My Flesh DR 
 Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir G A a g M D
   A Capella CD 
 Morrissey G A a g M D
   You are the Quarry CD 
 Morton Feldman G A a g M D
   For John Cage CD 
   The Viola in My Life DR 
 Mouth Music G A a g M D
   Mo-Di CD