O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O 
 Oliver Lake Organ Quartet G A a g M D
   Passin Thru DR 
 The Only Ones G A a g M D
   self-titled CD Germany
   self-titled LP 
   Even Serpents Shine LP UK
   You've Got to Pay b/w This Ain't All (It's Made Up to Be) 7" Holland
 Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark G A a g M D
   self-titled LP UK
   Electricity b/w Almost 7" UK
 Original Mirrors G A a g M D
   Could This Be Heaven? b/w Night of the Angels 7" UK
 Ornette Coleman G A a g M D
   Free Jazz DR 
   Sound Grammar DR 
   Something Else!!! DR 
 Os Mutantes G A a g M D
   Haih... Or Amortecedor... CD 
 Ostad Elahi G A a g M D
   Les chemins de l'amour divin (The Paths of Divine Love) DR 
 Our Lady Peace G A a g M D
   Naveed CD