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 X-Ray Spex G A a g M D
   Highly Inflammable b/w Warrior in Woolworths 7" UK
 XTC G A a g M D
   White Music CD 
   Go 2 CD USA
   drums and wires CD Austria
   Black Sea CD 
   Skylarking CD UK
   Nonsuch CD 
   Fossil Fuel: The XTC Singles 1977-92 CDc 
   Apple Venus CD USA
   Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2) CD 
   Oranges & Lemons CD 
   English Settlement CD 
   Oranges & Lemons CD 
   Rag & Bone Buffet - Rare Cuts & Leftovers CD 
   Statue of Liberty b/w Hang on to the Night 7" UK
   Life Begins at the Hop b/w Homo Safari 7" UK
   Life Begins at the Hop b/w Homo Safari [clear] 7" UK
   Life Begins at the Hop b/w Homo Safari 7" Japan
   Chain of Command b/w Limelight 7" 
   Making Plans for Nigel b/w Bushman President / Pulsing Pulsing 7" UK
   Are You Receiving Me? b/w Instant Tunes 7" UK
   Wait till Your Boat Goes Down b/w Ten Feet Tall 7" UK
 The xx G A a g M D
   xx CD 
   Coexist DR